Monday, January 18, 2016

Ways to Feel Happier and Healthier

Happy 2016 everyone! Courtney's Column is back up and ready for one kick ass year! I have so many cool guest writers, topics and stories lined up for this year... I can't wait to share all of these posts with you guys! At the beginning of the month my blog hit 10,000 views... say whhhat?! I'm hoping that by the end of this year, we can double that number and reach 20,000..... that means you all are going to have to share, share, share! Let's get the word out and make 2016 the year for NF awareness!

While at the Manitoba Neurofibromatosis Empowerment Symposium, I had the incredible opportunity to listen to Desiree Sher share her incredibly powerful story. She spoke about overcoming immense tragedy, and how in tragic situations people can choose to do one of two things: sink or swim. Desiree is such an inspiring individual who continuously seeks out positivity in any situation, and I'm so fortunate to have someone so remarkable to look up to.

Desiree is a life coach, author, speaker and choice strategist, who has dedicated her life to helping others face their fears to make important life choices.

Desiree shared a document at the symposium on how to feel happier and healthier by making small changes in your day to day life... here are just a few of the nuggets of information she shared with us:

1. Watch your language: If you're constantly telling yourself "I can't" then you actually may be convincing yourself that this is your truth. Replace all these negative words with positive ones instead. Tell yourself you will do your best or that you will try your hardest instead.

2. Forgive yourself: Constantly beating yourself up about things that have gone wrong won't change them. Tell yourself that you've forgiven yourself for the mistakes you've made and allow yourself to move on.

3. Relax and let go: Sometimes the best way to deal with problems is to relax and let them take their course. Things can often appear to be a bigger deal than they really are, and reminding yourself of this can help you relax and not feel so stressed. Is that parking ticket you got a bummer? Sure it is! Will you still feel bad about it later this week? This month? Learn to let go of the things that don't really matter.

4. Understand that the situation is not forever: Even if you are dealing with the grief of a lost loved one, remember that in time you will feel better. You may always feel sad about a loss, but it will only get easier as the time goes on. Take it day by day and keep in mind that transience of any bad situation.

5. Do something nice for someone else: Want to feel better? Try doing something nice for someone you care about. You'll get to feel good for being nice and you might just get to make someone else's day...bonus!

6. Choose joy: Everyday when you wake up you make the choice whether to be happy or miserable. Make the choice to be happy and you'll live a much more joyful life.

7. Smile: Sometimes all it takes to feel good is to put a smile on your face. Practice putting on a happy face even when you don't feel like smiling... it is an instant mood lifter!

8. Understand that obstacles are there to challenge you: Along your path to success you're going to encounter some roadblocks. Understand that these aren't necessarily there to stop you from doing what you want, just to ensure you truly want it.

9. Believe you deserve good things: If you don't truly believe that you deserve good things in your life you likely aren't going to encounter many. Believe that you are worthy for good fortune to come your way.... and it just might!

10. Don't expect change to be easy: No one ever promised that making a big change in your life would be easy or that overcoming obstacles would be a walk in the park... it's not supposed to be!!!

Now that Desiree's tips to living happier and healthier have left you inspired, I want you to check out Desiree's website:

She also has a book called Refuse to Sink: Truths for Tough Times that you can order through Amazon.... and it just so happens that I have the link here for you. I have this book and absolutely LOVE it!

So I hope you all start to incorporate some of these into your daily routines, leave a comment on which ones you plan to try!!

- Court


  1. Words to live by.....thanks for sharing!!!
    Tracey W

  2. Good stuff but I really like how she says in so many ways, "Don't sweat the small stuff." As a teacher I
    was told this over and over. I'm sure you'll make 20000. Once blogs start rolling they take of.