Friday, October 24, 2014

A Post From Reggie Bibbs

Hey everyone! I really wanted to try something different this week, so I asked my dear friend Reggie Bibbs to write something about his journey in the NF world. Now, I told him that he could write about any experience that he has had throughout his lifetime, and I was honored and humbled when he sent me this article about meeting me and my Mom. I'm sure most of you have read my previous post about my experience meeting Reggie Bibbs (and if you haven't please do), so this came as a huge surprise to me. It truly is amazing how one interaction with one person can change someone's life forever. So please take the time to read this and comment either below or on Facebook, because Reggie took a lot of time out of his day to do this for me. Enjoy!

I was excited about my second opportunity for a return trip to Canada. I was excited, but still nervous.  Plans were being made, and I was trying to keep it under wraps until it is almost time to go.  Courtney and I had just learned of each other. Courtney ordered a few Just Ask shirts. It was slow arriving. But we kept in contact. They final arrived. Courtney learned that I would be there. She would post how happy she was, that we would meet at the NF Symposium. I was just as happy. I had not seen a photo of Courtney, I wouldn't know who she was until she introduced her self to me.

We arrived in Canada, and got settled in. It was time to go out and get a meal. Just as we were leaving out of the room. My room door closed and we started walking down the hall. I see Courtney and her Mom, who I  had never seen before that day. Courtney and her mom stopped in their tracks, Courtney dropped her bag, and screamed, "Oh my God!" Panic set in, I stopped and stood as close as I could to my friend who was with me. I was thinking I scared someone. Then Courtney said, "I can't believe it, it's you. Reggie Bibbs!!" Relief sat in as Courtney ran over and gave me the biggest hug one could ask for.  Tracey, Courtney's mom came over, but was quite calm, but also gave me a hug as well. Tracey said "You'll have to excuse my daughter she is a little excite about meeting you." Well, meeting Courtney and her Mom will never be forgotten. I remember it like it was today. I'm the blessed one to have met Courtney and her mom. Thank you for what you have done for me.

-- Reggie Bibbs

Thanks for reading this "special edition",


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